Tramadol pay on delivery process explained

Tramadol pay on delivery process explained

 pay on delivery processOnline pharmacies are one of the fastest growing trends in all over the world nowadays. Everyone loves to order Tramadol medication from their favorite online pharmacy, rather than local shops due to various benefits and one such benefit pay on delivery. Though they have various types of options to pay for our order on their site, we all love to opt for Tramadol cash on delivery. According to recent report almost 68% of the public likely to pick cash on delivery (COD) for their payment while making the online purchase and the remaining 28% pick credit or debit card, and 10% using e-wallets for their payment.

With that in mind, online pharmacies have been expended their service from cash on delivery to Pay on delivery for the benefit of their customers. Now the cash on delivery advanced in the name of pay on delivery which means individuals can pay for their order by using COD, and additionally digital payment facilities such as Debit card, Credit card, and net banking. Thus, people can buy Tramadol from their favorite online pharmacy and pay for it using Pay one delivery (POD) option at their doorstep.

How to buy Tramadol with pay on delivery option

Click POD option at payment page

When you have completed all the process prior to payment such as prescription submit, dosage strength selection, dosage quantity selection and mode of shipping, you will redirect to the payment page where you need to click the POD option instead of other payment option.

Wait for delivery

After completing the payment option, you will get a tracking id along with the expected day of delivery. The delivery may take 3 to 5 working days, and sometimes it can extend due to unexpected natural circumstances.

Pay for your order using POD option

When the ordered pain relief medication parcel has arrived at your home or doorstep, it is time to pay for it via Pay on Delivery method. Follow the below-mentioned steps to pay for your order.

If you opt for cash on delivery, arrange the required amount of cash for the particular parcel and pay it to the delivery agent.

If you opt for credit or debit card or net banking, you need to ask swipe card machine to your delivery agent. And swipe or insert your card and enter the secret pin. Finally, you will get the successful payment confirmation message or mail to your phone or email.

Credit and debit card POD option is comparatively easier than the COD option. In this method, no need to arrange cash and most importantly no need to stress yourself for change, the delivery agent have certified swipe device so it is 100% secure transaction, pay with just one quick swipe.

Things to consider before ordering Tramadol medication with POD option

Although the pay on delivery consists of plenty of benefits such as easy, quick and 100% secure transaction, there are certain things that you need to consider before your purchase with this POD payment method.

The pay on delivery option might not be available for all the individuals who are ordering this pain relief medication from online pharmacy due to several reasons. Below, you can find some of the reasons behind the unavailability of POD option for your order:

Ordered Tramadol dosage strength not eligible

Online pharmacies only allow certain dosage level pills for Pay on delivery option. For example, Tramadol 50mg may not be eligible for pay on delivery, and it also mentioned clearly on the payment page while selecting the mode of payment option for this dosage strength. Henceforth, choose the strength which eligible for this option.

Order value exceeds the limit

Pay on delivery is only available for a particular limit of orders so when the limit exceeds, you may not get this option.

Delivery address not eligible

Online pharmacies have not yet expanded their POD service for all the states in the U.S so it is not available for all pin codes. In such cases, you can opt for the pharmacy which has a genuine connection with reputed sites such as UPSC and FedEx. This is because they have the dispensing units in almost 50 states in the U.S so you can choose the location which is near to your hometown and collect your package from there.


  • The individual can simply pay for their Tramadol order from anywhere by using their debit or credit card
  • No need to worry about having the exact amount of cash
  • Net banking available at doorstep so individuals can pay for their order without any hassle
  • Completely safe and secure transaction
  • You will get the updates in payment bill or payment confirmation or debited amount within a second.


  • POD or Tramadol cash on delivery may be available for people who purchase Tramadol more than $100 dollars.
  • This mode of payment method does not bring any offers and discounts coupons.
  • These are the process and facts about the pay on delivery that you may experience while buying Tramadol online with COD or POD option. Thereby, prepare yourself before opting for this service by keeping all such pros and cons in your mind.