Soma vs Tramadol: Which is really better?

Soma vs Tramadol: Which is really better?

Pain is an unpleasant physical sensation due to tissues or muscle damages. You might be searching for the effective pill that could reduce your misery within a short span. There are a lot of pain relievers available out there to treat your pain. Where Soma and Tramadol are the two most commonly prescribed medication to get rid of the physical pain. Soma is the best muscle relaxant whereas Tramadol is the effective pain reliever. In order to fade your pain away, you should really know which one is better. Based on the type and intensity of the pain that you are facing you would be prescribed with any of the above. This blog will move forward with the deep analysis of Tramadol and Soma.

Working nature of Soma and Tramadol: 

Both Soma and Tramadol work effectively to reduce the pain. Basically, Soma medication is used as the muscle relaxant, works by preventing the sensation of the pain from brain within the few hours of intake. The Soma effects will last for short time. Whereas Tramadol is used to treat both chronic and acute pain. It works by different way of perceiving the pain. That is by reacting with brain chemicals it controls the pain. And the effects of Tramadol will last for long hours.

Which one should you use? Soma or tramadol? 

Soma vs TramadolBoth are very popular and effective medication prescribed by the health-care professionals. It also depends on the types of pain that you are suffering from. Three major factors for deciding the correct pill. 

Types and Intensity of pain:

The different types of pain are chronic pain, acute pain, mild or severe pain, nerve pain, tissue damage pain, muscle pain. Soma drug is used for mild and muscle pain. Whereas Tramadol medication is used for chronic, acute and severe pain. Based on the intensity of the pain, the dosage levels of the corresponding pills would be prescribed. 

Availability of Soma and Tramadol:

Both the painkillers are widely available in their brand version as well as their generic version. Soma is the brand drugs its generic version is available commonly as Carisoprodol. Where Tramadol is the generic version of Ultram. You might think What is the difference between the brand and generic version of the drug? Both of them are having the same effects, active ingredients, same side effects, dosage strengths. The only difference is Cost. Most people could not afford for the brand drugs. So they would prefer the generic version of the same pill. Most commonly, Soma pill is used only to treat muscle soreness so, it could be prescribed for Athletes more often. Whereas Tramadol is widely used for any condition other than Pain such as anxiety, depression, OCD. And to treat severe pain it is available as the immediate and extended release. Those who want to get away from pain instantly can go for immediate release form of Tramadol whereas those who want to get relieved from for prolonged time can go for the extended release. 

Acceptance of the medication:

It is also considered as one of the key factors in deciding which one you should use. Everyone immune system will work in a more different way. In some person, there might be a chance of getting contraindication of the drug that you are taking to treat your illness due to various reasons. Which includes the history of liver or kidney problem or consumption of alcohol. So, its always better to consult the nearby doctors directly or interact with the online doctors before deciding to buy the medicines. By telling them the entire medical history you would be prescribed by either Tramadol or Soma. For instances, an athlete who is suffering from the muscle soreness can be recommended to take Soma. Whereas, a person who is suffering from injury, chronic pain, severe pain, back pain can order Tramadol. Soma is advised to use for limited age group people since it is a habit-forming the pill.

Is there any other alternative for this prescription medication?

While we are talking about which one is better Soma or Tramadol, but most people think that these medications will help them to recover from arthritis. But this is not for sure, it can help with relieving the arthritis pain alone not their disease or cause of the disease. In cases like, if both the medications or any other prescription medication doesn’t work for arthritis pain, people used to approach the natural ways to relieve pain as it does not give any side effects as well as it is organic. So consult your doctor if your arthritis pain has not been treat with prescription medications and is it better to choose any natural extracts, powder or oils for arthritis pain.