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Privacy Policy

Certain basic information of our visitors such as browser details, IP addresses, timestamps, and pages from where we were referred will be tracked by us, just like all web servers. This information is tracked only for the purpose of serving our visitors better through maintenances and routine administrationchecks.

None of the information that we get, can track and locate the personal identity of a visitor. In order to store information about the visitor's preference and history, sayno2arthritis uses cookies wherever necessary. This too is ultimately for the purpose of serving the visitor in a better way by customizing the content for the respective visitor based on his preferences. If he has privacy concerns and wishes to disable this feature, he may as well do it in his browser settings.

Our site gives an option to provide other information such as the name and email address, when they take part in a survey in the site, leave a comment, or subscribe to a newsletter. This is left to the choice of the visitor.

It will be made sure that this information will be kept confidential by sayno2arthritis, and will not be shared with any third party for any purpose.

Comments left in the website by the visitors either in emails or in surveys, may be used for news stories or columns in the future, at the sole caution of the editor.

Questions or clarifications on our privacy policy can be directed to