How to choose the best CBD hemp oil?

How to choose the best CBD hemp oil?

Hemp CBD oil is now becoming popular and anyone who is looking for alternatives for pharmaceutical drugs will have come across both advertisements and articles talking about it. CBD oil is obtained from the cannabis plant. However, this chemical does not make you feel high. For a person who is suffering from chronic pain CBD oil can be seen as hope. I am also one of these people and I understand the temptation these people feel about CBD oil because I felt them too. As soon as I heard about CBD oil and read the articles about it, I was ready to spend some of my hard earned money in hope that it could provide me with some relief.

Thankfully, I didn’t. I did some extensive research and found out that not all the CBD oil in the market are the same. The Journal of the American Medical Association had recently published a report that says the percentage of hemp with improper labeling being sold in the market is almost 70. The thing goes both ways. There are products with more CBD oil than what is mentioned in the label. That is they are under labeled. And the opposite is also true. Percentages of both in the market are too high to be ignored.

True there has been no evidence that said taking too much CBD can do harm to you, but not taking the right amount of CBD can stop a person from getting the benefits of CBD oil. Not only that the variability between the different CBD oil products is so high that it is preventing many patients from getting a reliable effect.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States of America had started testing CBD oil in 2015 and its findings said the same thing.

The main problem with the CBD oil industry is that it has not been approved by the FDA for many of its uses and thus, it is not regulated. This lack of regulation has created a situation where people who want to buy CBD oil must be extra careful when buying. However, this situation has not dampened the demand for CBD oil products among patients with chronic pain. In fact, this number is steadily increasing thanks to the disillusion people have with opioids as well as drugs that come with some disturbing side effects. The problem is that the number of companies selling CBD oil products on the market is too high. In fact, with such a huge number of companies, one cannot be blamed if they cannot differentiate the good ones from the bad. Finding a product that has the required potency while being safe to use is the biggest challenge.

Types of CBD oil

types of cbd oilCBD oil experts say that CBD oil can be divided into two types. First one is one that has been extracted from hemp plants and the second one is one that has extracted from marijuana. These are varieties of the cannabis plant. When it comes to buying them the CBD oil that is extracted from hemp can be bought online while the CBD oil that has been extracted from marijuana can be bought in states that have legalized marijuana.


The different product variants from CBD oil are

  • CBD capsules
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD isolates
  • CBD Full spectrum Oil
  • CBD Vape oil
  • CBD Topicals

These same CBD oil experts say that one should choose marijuana extracted CBD oil to hemp extracted CBD oil. This is due to the fact that marijuana extracted CBD oil will contain more cannabinoids as well as other compounds that will improve the healing properties of CBD oil. Furthermore, the products sold at dispensaries are grown in controlled environments and tested repeatedly. This makes them safer.

One of these experts says that when it comes to CBD oil itself there is hardly any difference between the one extracted from hemp plants and the one that has been extracted from marijuana plants. The only thing that one can say about CBD oil extracted from hemp plants is that it will not contain many of the cannabinoids as well as very little THC. This is because hemp plants are low-resin plants and as a result, the amount of CBD oil present in these resins is very low.

In short, one can say the CBD oil extracted from hemp plants is the stripped down version of the CBD oil that is sold in dispensaries. The chances of this CBD oil actually being effective is very low, but it seems to be effective enough for some of the patients when it comes to treating pain as well as other conditions.

The expert says that the major part of the criticism that has been directed at CBD oil extracted from hemp plants is that they contain only CBD. That it. The presence of other compounds is very little. This combination can be useful to some people but when it comes to the vast majority this combination is not enough and they will be forced to search for other alternatives. CBD oil is not the only cannabinoid you need. You will need others as well and that includes both THCA and THC.

According to this expert, the therapeutic effect of combing THC and CBD is greater than each compound individually. That why he considers medicines that contain both as the best medicines. However, since he is not a doctor he suggests people use a combination of THC and CBD that heals them without making the either stoned or dysphoric.

Even though CBD oil that has been extracted from hemp has its limitations, these products are the option available to people who live in states that have not yet legalized marijuana. In case you are interested in buying CBD oil, here are a few tips that you can follow.

Consider American hemp plants first

Many of the companies that extract CBD oil from hemp plants use industrialized hemp plants that have been grown outside the states. The problem with these plants is that the countries where they are grown may not have strict regulations concerning hemp plant cultivation. This can be a problem if the plants are grown in soil that rich in heavy metals. These plants will end up absorbing the heavy metals from the soil. Heavy metals are not the only problem. If that is the case then companies will be forced to chemicals to clean them.

The industrialized hemp plants that are grown in the United States are better regulated and thus the above scenario can be avoided.

Prefer organically grown hemp

prefer organicWhen the hemp plant is grown organically it does not have exposure to insecticides, pesticides as well as other harmful chemicals. There are a few companies in both Kentucky and Colorado that grow hemp organically. You can choose to buy from them.

Remember to use full spectrum

A full spectrum product has other cannabinoids as well as terpenes. These additional compounds can help improve the health benefitting properties of the CBD oil product. An isolated, on the other hand, contains only CBD oil. The expert says that the benefits of using full spectrum CBD oil products far outweigh the benefits provided by isolates.

False health claims are made

false statement are madeMany companies that sell CBD oil products make false claims. These claims are many such as their CBD oil product can help people cure cancer. If you come across a company that says this, then you should avoid them.

The companies that make such claims are certainly not aware of the present rules concerning CBD oil. Either that or they have chosen to ignore them. Either way, it best to assume something is not right and avoid them.

Buy with necessary ingredients

adding necessary ingredients to cbdMany companies add ingredients to their CBD oil products that are not necessary. The expert says that is especially the case with vape oil. He hasn’t found a vape oil product that does not have thinning agents. These thinning agents should not be added to products that we inhale or eat. He feels that if the plant is grown properly and extracted in the correct way then they will be no need to add thinning agents. His opinion of flavoring agents is the same.

Don’t blindly believe

The expert is saying that companies have made tall claims and will continue to make tall claims. We as buyers must not fall for them and question them when made. These questions can be asked through phone calls or sent through emails. Reputable companies will be delighted to answer these questions.

Where to Buy It?

where to buy cbd?After reading this you might have a clear picture of How to choose the best CBD hemp oil?. This is just a filter or a checklist that you have to apply before choosing the right vendor. If you have already known how to choose the best CBD oil then probably you are looking for the best place to buy it. There are a lot of websites out there where to buy your CBD oil. Buy from the right CBD oil vendor will make you get the best quality products. Refer to various sites and research various vendor’s site to know about their products and services before you buy hemp oil. After going through the research process you can finally pick the right one. So where to buy CBD hemp is as important as how to choose the best CBD hemp oil in the market.