DO’S and DON’ts while using Tramadol for arthritis pain

DO’S and DON’ts while using Tramadol for arthritis pain

Arthritis is a kind of degenerative disorder which results in inflammation and stiffness on the joint making the movement of limbs painful. There over 100 types of identified arthritis, the worst part is arthritis problem usually will eat the nerve out of you. Tramadol has been effectively used for years to treat arthritis. Moreover, the dosage variance also has a major reason for the working of the drug. There are many avenues which sell fake pills and people get cheated.  This is why there are reputed pharmacies where people should buy discount Tramadol 100mg to treat their ache.

Unlike other pain, this medication was proven to be very effective in treating arthritis. But the medication course is completely dependent on the type of arthritis one is suffering from. Mainly the medication, which is purchased from an authentic Online pharmacy is very effective in relieving pain on below-mentioned arthritis:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: – This is one of most common pain for which this drug is prescribed. This pain is caused by synovial membrane destruction followed by swelling in the joints.
  • Osteoarthritis: – When the cartilages in the joint lose elasticity contributing more pain to normal activities like running jumping etc.
  • Infectious arthritis: – When a bacteria or virus attacks the synovial membrane resulting in the inflammation and joint pain, This medicine comes as a life saver till the end of the antibiotic course.

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DO’s while using Tramadol to treat arthritis pain

DO’s while using Tramadol

  • During the medication, you shouldn’t only rely on the medication for better results instead try natural remedies alongside to accelerate the result. When your ache is under control make sure you give proper movement to the joints rather than keeping them idle for a long time.
  • Try to manage weight such that your body exerts less on your joints so you can progressively reduce the tramadol intake to manage the problem.
  • Do mild exercise alongside taking these pills. Include light exercises like walking, moderate jogging, water exercise, cycling etc. If you exercise during drug influence you will face the least problem which would be advantageous for you to manage weight and to stretch the joints for proper muscle contraction and blood flow.
  • Consult your doctor frequently in order to check the progress in your conditions and the doctor can modify the dosage according to your condition.
  • Under controlled medication for arthritis pain, Tramadol is least addictive or has the low chance to create dependency. So engage yourself in physical and emotional therapies to improve mental stability.

Don’t while using tramadol to treat arthritis pain.

Don’t while using tramadol

  • It is known to have several drug interactions with carbamazepine, quinidine, SSRI’s etc. So better avoid other medications during the period which might reduce efficacy.
  • Do not engage in heavy physical activities as you are free from pain, the effects are temporary. If you overexert it might lead to complications and you end up starting treatment with Tramadol again.
  • Avoiding drinking alcohol and smoking during medication period as Tramadol pills has been identified to induce adverse effect upon interaction with ethanol and Nicotinamide.
  • Do not self-medicate this medicine to treat arthritis pain. The dosage can only be decided by an expert taking into account various factors.