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About Me

Kirsten SchultzHi, I am Kirsten Schultz. I am a writer and I have recently completed my M.S from Utica college in Health Care Administration. I am also a sex educator and I have a BA in Religious Studies, History, and Politics which I completed at Carroll college. From childhood itself, I have been suffering from various illnesses. I have faced Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and also many other diseases. Since that detection and treatments affected me a lot, I determined to help people out there who are suffering from mental and physical disorders.

I am also interested in sarcasm, open talk on various restricted subjects, guinea pigs etc.

My achievements
Now speaking to my achievements, my blog writings on arthritis ranked among the top ten best blogs of Everyday health, this year.

Also, I am listed as a finalist in best in the show: the blog of Wego Health Awards.

2017 has been a great year for me in which I got my MS degree and also my article about Chronic sex got published under Best Podcast – Invisible illness of Healthline.

Also, I have been ranked among the Invisible illness champion of health line in the same year. I won my place twice as Kinky top 100 sex blogging superheroes.

I have been suffering from SJIA, PTSD and also various chronic illnesses including fibromyalgia, psoriasis, patellofemoral arthralgia in both knees, anemia, scoliosis, asthma, gluten intolerance, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. But due to my mother’s tireless efforts on finding treatment for me, I grew up and able to complete the degree.

In all these years I learned & researched a lot about medications and also want to help other people who are facing chronic illness conditions. Hence I became a blogger and written my experiences and also treatment methods, their effectiveness, side effects etc. Some of them I have done and observed through self-experimentation too.

My Mission
My mission is to educate and help people who suffer from physical and mental chronic illnesses. I am working closely with patients who live a life with these kinds of illness, helping them with their diagnosis. With all my blogs, podcast and articles I am making my efforts to show to those suffering people there are a new life exist even after that worst days and you should keep your hope alive to see it. Many others in our society have a common misconception that people who are disabled, who are suffering from chronic illnesses should not have fun. My aim is to eradicate that feeling from their minds. I have been writing how can people like me have fun and can free up their mind from stress & other chronic disorders. Among 40 percent of our US citizens are suffering from chronic diseases. I am writing for them how to get treated, how to tolerate, how to relax from those stress, anxiety, how to divert attention from pain and many other possible ways. I hope my writings will help everyone and we will also get our part similar to healthy humans in society.

Back in the 90s medicine world was not much advanced like it does today. In those days when somebody heard about Arthritis, they will think probably it was attacking senior citizens only. But that’s not the case for Systematic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (SIJA). This disease attacks thousands of younger people and even children, babies too. When you are experiencing at age of six, what am telling is probably one of worst childhood story & you don’t have any idea about it. I am a normal child and enjoyed my first 5 years after birth as all other babies do. At an age of 6, I became one of its patients.

My Story
From Nov 1993 strange things happened to me and my mentality was not grown up to communicate everything I felt at that time. I got tired, pain, weakness, higher rate fever often and rashes occurring in a night. But at daytime, those rashes will disappear. We went consultation with many doctors and done many blood tests. Unfortunately, the tests which can detect the presence of RA failed to find JIA on those days. The doctors told I am suffering from leukemia and I will live only 6 weeks. And the cancer treatment has given worst side effects than usual. Thanks for my mother who finally found out its not Leukemia and its JIA, she takes care of me as a better doctor than others I faced. Medications helped me a bit, but side effects kept increasing and all the efforts will reduce but not fixing it. Another list of illnesses such as PTSD, Chronic pain, Arthralgia, Gluten allergy etc came attached as I grown up over years.

How did I cope with arthritis?
In 2014, I started consulting rheumatologist and in the beginning, it hurt me a lot. But soon by working together, I am achieving improvements. Though it was not fixed my illness completely it helped reducing bad days. Usually, as first-line treatment for Arthritis, you should try for NSAIDs which contain lesser side effects. They could control your pain and swelling but not progressive to cure the disease. The second most commonly used medication is methotrexate. This method stops your cell production but it believed to cure RA. Also, you can try for DMARDs, Biologics and TNF inhibitors.

Your attitude towards your problem is the best treatment. I agree that it was difficult to keep our mind positive at worst pain situations but at least we could control our anger and frustration towards our inability. Meditation, Exercise, Physiotherapy, Changing food habits are helping me out. My personal suggestion is also to follow a patient assistance program. They make calls to me every day and make sure I had medications in time. I felt good and wonderful especially when am facing worst day and somebody calls and asks me how am doing. This creates an emotional impact that they care for me and watching out my health.

About this website
I am running, a website to share everything about Arthritis and the available treatments. It will help you out in finding several blogs on various topics I have researched about. Since I had been through the struggles, I know what are you looking for? A good information all you need. And here is my little help via this website.