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Who We are? was created with an aim to help people with Arthritis to know more about the diseased and available treatments to treat with.

We collect information from right resources written by Medical specialist and we also refer medical journals to provide accurate stats.

If you are someone suffering from any kind of arthritis, is the right place to find out the right information about the condition and suitable treatment options.

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Meet Our Editorial Team

Chief Editor

Kirsten SchultzKirsten Schultz – Chief Editor

A survivor of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and talks much about arthritis to create awareness among people by sharing experiences. Completed M.S from Health Care Administration. Kirsten Schultz worked with many persons in spreading the knowledge. Also started several websites to connect with people in different way. is a dedicated arthritis portal was started few years back to educate people.

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Medical advisor

Robert JasmerAll the medical and arthritis related content are reviewed by Robert Jasmer, MD

Robert Jasmer, MD from the Stanford University of medicine worked as program director of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine. He is the associate director of medical Intensive care unit.

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Content contributor

Eileen Writer

Eileen – Writer

An ambassador of the Arthritis society and Patient advocate. Also suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis ad Fibromyalgia. Doing fantastic of job of helping people to know about arthritis.

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A researcher and advisor of pharmacy-based business. Completed MSEd from University of Pennsylvania. Expertise in pharmacy supply chain, online pharmacy research audit.

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